Scott Martin has been a finalist at the Telluride Troubadour Contest, a winner at Songwriter Serenade, a finalist at the Wildflower Performing Songwriter contest, and twice a Kerrville New Folk Regional Finalist.  Scott’s record “Missing” was released in 2018, featuring a song cycle about historical missing persons including Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper, Everett Ruess, Virginia Dare and Percy Fawcett.

Scott has toured with Lynda Carter, appearing with her numerous times on the Tonight Show and TV specials, and has worked as a session vocalist in Los Angeles, singing on numerous commercials and TV series. He has opened for Kenny Rankin, Patty Loveless, Jane Fonda, and Chuck Pyle.

Scott's latest record "Corner of the World" was released March 11, 2022. It charted at #21 in the US on the Folk DJ chart and also on the Euro Americana Chart. Musicians from the US and Europe contributed virtually to Martin's tracks that were recorded in Austin starting in March 2020, to which he then added piano, orchestration and other parts to create these perfectly embroidered songs. Martin co-produced the album with Michael Henchman of Vancouver, Washington, who played bass, electric guitar and other instruments on many of the songs.  

Scott is a native of the Pacific Northwest, and has called Austin home for more than 20 years. 

Reviews for Corner of the World:

"After more than 55 years of writing about music, I still get such a thrill in discovering a new artist whose music knocks me off my feet. That is very much the case with Scott Martin. Scott’s voice will connect your heart. He follows the rangy contours of his finger style playing with heartbreak stories and searching questions. His words and his music combine to create something cinematic, a word that describes so much of this album."
- Alan Cackett, Americana, Roots, Country  & Bluegrass Music


“Martin intuitively has created a set of fine classy tunes that deserve repeated listening...On first listen, I found Scott’s rich multi-octave voice pristine & sincere as the late John Denver. Since Denver’s passing, I’ve never come across any singer-songwriter who was his equal in that genre. But Scott just may have gotten the nod. His voice, without over-emoting, has solid enthusiasm that’s infectious. The tonality has pure vitality & the songs themselves seem to have that thoroughly alive sound...The fact that Scott with his finger-style guitar playing & alternate tuning expertise provides a big plus. 

Corner of the World features 10-tracks with exemplary interplay between stringed instruments & diversified vocals throughout. By “We Dance Together,” a duet with Rose Winters is exceptional & on “A Little Mystery,” Scott’s voice both times — possesses the attractive timbre & intonation of Irish singer-songwriter Paul Brady.

“One More Beautiful Day” has Martin’s vocals cruising reminiscent as prime James Taylor. This isn’t an imitation but a groove, if you want to call it that, that summons that feeling in the musical soul of the sweet baby James crooner. Quite impressive. 

Despite the Denver, Brady & Taylor comparisons, Scott has moments when he touches vocally on the deeper resonance of the late Michael Smotherman (“Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?”) & the legendary FM radio laid-back vocalist, the late crooner Kenny Rankin (“Silver Morning”). It’s these as well that set Martin apart from average singers. Put all of these styles together, shake vigorously & you’ll have the diversified artistry of Scott Martin — all those qualities from one golden throat."
- John Apice, Americana Highways

Selections from "Missing" - 2018

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